Community Professional Loudspeakers announced a new line of Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC), to provide all signal routing, zone switching, DSP, protective limiting, remote monitoring and amplification functions needed between a mixer and the loudspeakers in virtually any Community loudspeaker application.

Community Pro Amplified Loudspeaker ControllersStandard Ethernet communication protocols allow for fast system design, system control, and remote system monitoring. Analogue and Dante inputs included in each model are assignable per channel in static or failover/backup configuration, supporting quick and easy integration into any new or existing system.

Chosen to match the needs of all Community loudspeakers, three ALC models are available: ALC-404D (4 channels @ 400W), the ALC-1604D (4 channels @ 1.6kW), and the ALC-3202D (2 channels @ 3.2kW). Bridged channel pairs support driving loads down to 4Ω at double the power of a single channel, providing additional flexibility for real-world Community loudspeaker system applications.

Community-authored loudspeaker presets include equalization, high-pass filters, and multi-stage limiters tailored to each model. Additionally, each preset includes loudspeaker power and impedance information, allowing the system configuration software to display the total power and impedance of multiple parallel-wired loudspeakers, further reducing the time and effort required to match complete loudspeaker systems with the appropriate ALC models and output channel configurations.

ALC’s reduce complexity and increase overall system value in every installation. Their compact size, packing either two or four channels into 1U, reduces rack costs and minimises space requirements. Integrated DSP reduces the need for external outboard equipment, drastically reducing installation effort and expense. Extremely high operational efficiency greatly reduces power consumption, resulting in the lowest thermal dissipation ratings in the industry, and minimises the need for external cooling devices. Additionally, each channel is capable of directly driving 70V/100V distributed loudspeakers, low impedance loudspeakers from 2Ω, or any mixed configuration of low and high impedance output loads, making ALC’s extremely flexible and capable in a wide range of applications.

In-depth control and monitoring is accomplished via Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus system manager software. Assigning loudspeakers to ALC output channels is a drag-and-drop process, with loudspeaker groups and zones created quickly by clicking on the images of the loudspeakers to be grouped together. Tailoring the sound and managing the system can be carried out from a remote, decentralised location. All ALC models can also be trusted in mission critical applications, such as fire alarm systems, thanks to a power supply that allows reliable operation even when connected to a UPS. In addition, the per-channel, user-assignable fault-indicating GPIO connectors on the rear panel may be integrated with 3rd party monitoring and emergency notification systems.


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