The DAD Pro|Mon monitoring system has been updated to firmware version 2.1, adding support for DAD’s new SPQ speaker processing DSP card. Accordingly, DADman control software has been updated to v5.3 to add support for SPQ control, as well as a sample rate converter on Madi inputs and Dante v4.0 firmware with support for Dante Domain Manager.

DAD Pro|Mon v2.1The SPQ speaker processing card allows up to 1,024 EQ filters across 128 channels at 48kHz. A maximum of 16 filters may be used on each channel up to a limit of 1,024. For work at higher resolutions, the system supports 96kHz (64 channels), 192kHz (32 channels) and 384kHz (16 channels). Filters for all sample rates are available natively on the SPQ card when sample rates are changed.

SPQ also adds full control and bass management processing over up to eight sub channels, and both the bass management and speaker channels offer a wealth of different filter types to choose from in order to tailor any speaker system to suit any acoustic environment.

‘AX32 is evolving continuously, and while the physical SPQ card is a new, optional expansion of the system that can be purchased when the need arises, we are also very happy to be able to provide free firmware and software updates that include new features and possibilities to our existing customers,’ says Mikael Vest, Sales Director of parent company NTP Technology.

‘Ultimately, these additions, which include Madi sample rate conversion, Dante Domain Manager functionalities, increased channel delay control and creation of custom speaker/source formats, represent new tools that help to make our customers’ solutions even more flexible and future-proof. And we strive to continue this path of keeping developing and updating existing products, ensuring that our products will remain at the cutting edge of the technological evolution.

‘Existing customers can add a pristine monitoring system on top of an already-amazing audio-routing and AD/DA/DD conversion system, and for new customers, it is a modular and scalable solution that can develop as needs may grow in the future.’

The 2.1 firmware update will also be compatible with the DAD DX32R, Avid MTRX, as well as NTP technology’s Penta 720. All firmware and software updates are available now, as is the SPQ speaker processing card.


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