Lawo has announced new software for its A__UHD Core, claiming ‘it isn’t just an update: it’s a major leap forward’.

The A__UHD Core is a native IP device, designed from the start to work within IP networks and manage networked devices. It is based fully on open standards such as ST2110-30/-31, AES67, Ravenna, Ember+ and NMOS. And it’s designed for both 48kHz and 96kHz operation.

A_UHD CoreA__UHD Core’s feature set is defined purely by software, making it future-proof and able accommodate new features and capabilities without the expense and inconvenience of ‘forklift’ hardware changes. Its scalable performance enables users to tailor the capabilities of an A__UHD Core to fit their needs and budget, changing features and functionality based on permanent or temporary software licenses.

A ‘pooling’ licence allows a single A__UHD Core to divide its DSP power between multiple mixing surfaces. Using this ‘pooling’ licence, a A__UHD Core can power several smaller consoles instead of one very large console. The new ‘IP Easy’ function in A__UHD Core based mc² consoles permits operation of network audio devices, without the need to be an IP expert. Any mc² surface may be allocated on-the-fly to any networked A__UHD Core.

A second A__UHD Core with a ‘redundancy licence’ can be deployed locally, across campus, or across the country, as a 1+1 hot spare device mirroring the active device and taking over seamlessly if needed.

Complete network interface redundancy means that the unit’s eight front-panel ports are split into four SFP network interfaces that provide dual, independent IP network connections; ST2022-7 Class C Seamless Protection Switching with extended buffer size ensures flawless operation on WAN as well as LAN. Each SFP interface can receive a total of 128 Tx and Rx streams; providing 512 audio channels.

‘UHD stands for ultra-high density and it lives up to its name,’ explains Lawo Senior Product Manager for Audio Production, Christian Struck. ‘A__UHD Core combines minimum size with maximum performance. It has everything a live production console needs, including 1,024 channels of mc²-grade processing algorithms, multiple sets of monitoring matrices, downmixing and upmixing, and is ready for next-generation audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and MPEG-H. It packs the power of systems formerly requiring between 7U and 10U into just one rack space; weighs only 7kg versus the 20-to-25kg of a traditional console core. Even more astounding: it consumes only 220W of power.

‘From now on,’ says Struck, ‘A__UHD Core will be the power behind all mc² consoles.’

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