London’s Metropolis Studios has found itself busy with equipment launches and demonstrations recently – among them SSL’s Live L200 mixing system, Genelec’s The Ones reference loudspeakers and Klang Technologies’ 3D monitoring. Held in Studio A, all were watched over by the studio’s prized Fazioli grand piano.

Waves Audio Grand Rhapsody

Making his introduction, SSL ‎Senior Vice President of International Sales, James Motley, took a moment to introduce the piano as having been Freddie Mercury’s own and favourite instrument. Since the singer’s death, it has featured on hits such as Adele’s ‘Hello’. More recently still, it has been sampled by Waves Audio for the Grand Rhapsody piano plug-in.

The Fazioli F228 model used the finest Italian parts and craftsmanship, taking red spruce from the forest where Antonio Stradivari cultivated his celebrated violins. The deep bass, rich resonance and crystal clear tonal qualities produced by the wood have made the Fazioli highly coveted.

Recorded at Metropolis with eight pairs of microphones – B&K 4007, Shure SM57, Neumann U87, Royer R121, SE RN17, Coles 4038, Neumann KM84 and AKG C451 – and using high-quality preamps and converters, Waves’ Grand Rhapsody reckons to capture the sprit of the original piano, and add features that only a plug-in can provide.

Grand Rhapsody offers a wide range of tonality for musicians and producers, allowing up to three microphone pairs to be blended – mic choice and position can be determined; as can how much of the pedal, key up and sympathetic resonance is mixed into the overall sound. Various Waves effects can then be added, including EQ, compressor, limiter, delay, and reverb based on the H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb.

The Waves Grand Rhapsody plug-in can be used as a DAW plug-in or as a standalone instrument.


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