Ampersand Ampersand has announced as its first Eurorack module Wear & Tear, able to bring character of cassette imperfections to modular synth set-ups.

Ampersand Ampersand Wear & TearThe 14HP-wide front panel of the Stereo Cassette Tape Emulator takes is derived from the classic charm of cassette recorders, enabling users to get to the heart lo-fi soundscapes through the limitations and shortcoming of the cassette format. The Eurorack module offers a range of effects from subtle saturation to total sonic transformation using everything from the gentle flutter of tape warble to the gritty charm of a forgotten attic tape collection and blending the beauty of vintage imperfections with the precision of modern control.

The module’s dual-function knobs each support a primary and alternate setting, enabling complex configurations and interactions between effects. These include Dust, which adds a random element to all other settings; Saturation, which delivers a spectrum of overdriven options, ranging from a touch of warmth to hard clipping; Lo-Pass and High-Pass filters) with additional Resonance; and Wow & Flutter to add a dynamic layer or movement to the sound, tempo-syncable for musical cohesion. Age transforms incoming audio with a shifting, non-resonant filter; Noise adds crackle and pop, while an envelope follower allows Wear & Tear users to push the Noise level or duck it with incoming audio. Crinkle adds to the authenticity of cassette emulation with sporadic dropouts and Compress simplifies the often complex process of compression into a single, user-friendly knob, adjusting ratio and threshold together.

The module also features a user-friendly firmware update system that uses a web-based utility in Google Chrome for easy maintenance and feature upgrades, ensuring that Wear & Tear not only keeps up with current technological standards but also improves over time.

Shipping to US-based buyers from Brooklyn, New York in May 2024, Wear & Tear is available to pre-order priced at US$350 directly from Ampersand Ampersand’s website.


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