Audio accessories brand Analog Cases has ventured into DJ equipment territory with an all-new range of Unison Cases For DJ Controllers. These are custom-fitted for nine different devices and made from ultra-lightweight aluminium materials.

Unison Cases For DJ ControllersUnison Cases For DJ Controllers are claimed to be one-third of the weight of other available hard cases. All nine products comprising the Unison Cases For DJ Controllers range come with a customised dense foam insert that is die-cut to the dimensions of the DJ controller that it is designed to accommodate. A padded handle and storage space for cables complete the black-on-black aesthetic of the Analog Cases brand.

Reflecting the DJ controllers that they are designed to accommodate by name, the DJ Controllers case range includes the Unison Case for Denon DJ Prime Go (custom-fitted for the Denon DJ Prime Go), Unison Case for Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 (custom-fitted for the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500), Unison Case for Numark Mixstream Pro Go (custom-fitted for the Numark Mixstream Pro Go), Unison Case for Pioneer DDJ-800 (custom-fitted for the Pioneer DDJ-800), Unison Case for Pioneer DDJ-1000 (custom-fitted for the Pioneer DDJ-1000), Unison Case for Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 (custom-fitted for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4), Unison Case for Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 (custom-fitted for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6), Unison Case for Pioneer DDJ- SR2/DDJ-SR (custom-fitted for the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 or DDJ-SR), and Unison Case for Roland DJ202 (custom-fitted for the Roland DJ-202).

‘Today’s DJ controllers are sleek and compact, but the design of most road cases haven’t evolved since the 1960s, so we set out to change that by offering a real alternative for DJs on the move,’ says company CEO Greg Pritchard. ‘We designed the Unison Cases For DJ Controllers with a focus on comfort and ease of travel. They’re a game changer for gigging DJs, who’ll immediately notice the difference when lifting them; once they’ve tried one, they’ll never want to go back to those bulky, heavy DJ coffin cases.’

The nine new Unison Cases For DJ Controllers are available in the US from Analog Cases and Amazon, retailing at US$149 (for Denon DJ Prime GO), US$144 (for Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500), US$189 (for Numark Mixstream Pro Go), US$189 (for Pioneer DDJ-800), US$219 (for Pioneer DDJ-1000), US$144 (for Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4), US$189 (for Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6), US$179 (for Pioneer DDJ-SR2/DDJ- SR) and US$144 (for Roland DJ202).

International distributors and retailers that will be carrying the products include: Moog Audio in Canada; Bax Music in the UK, Elevator and Sonic Sales in the EU and REV3 in Japan.


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