Roland has introduced Galaxias, a software-based musical instrument available on Roland Cloud.

Roland GalaxiasGalaxias runs as a standalone application on macOS and Windows, and will be available in VST3 and AU plug-in formats for DAW music production soon after initial release. Users can work with any instrument on Roland Cloud and access a searchable library with more than 20,000 ready-to-play sounds. From classics such as the Jupiter-8, TR-808,and D-50 to modern instruments like Zenology and System-8, Galaxias combines Roland’s sonic legacy into a single ‘super instrument’.

Galaxias allows up to four instruments to be layered and ‘sonic superclusters’ called Scenes to be created. Every layer has its own key range, transpose, and Midi input settings, plus a dedicated arpeggiator. Learn-and-drag functionality eases the building of intricate sounds, while macro controls promise a ‘new level of expression’ with simultaneous operation of up to 128 parameters via internal LFOs or an external Midi controller. Scenes can be organised into Setlists for live performances, with gapless transitions for seamless performance.

In addition to the effects within each individual instrument, Galaxias provides two insert effects per layer and two global send effects. A growing collection of authentic Roland and Boss effects are on hand, and it’s possible to route layers to various external destinations for further processing.

Everything is logically organised within the Galaxias interface, making it simple to go deep and quickly translate ideas into tracks. Users can delve into a single instrument layer, tweak the complete set of parameters, and get the experience of using the original hardware with Roland’s classic instrument plug-ins. With the full-screen Immersive View, the focus can be toggled between the entire Scene and an individual instrument or effect using a single click or key command.

Included with Roland Cloud Ultimate membership, Galaxias is a rapidly evolving platform instrument that is promised to continue to improve with new sounds and capabilities added regularly. A 30-day free Ultimate trial provides access to Galaxias and everything Roland Cloud offers, including software versions of vintage Roland instruments, Zenology, Sound Packs, Wave Expansions and Zenbeats.


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