Following the Musikmesse 2011 unveiling of Stefan Schmidt’s hand-crafted prototype, Schmidt-Synthesizer has begun shipping the latest cosignment of its no-expense-spared Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer – available in classic anthracite or cool white configurations with visually improved hardware operation, courtesy of cosmetic colour changes to key knobs, and feature-enhancing v3.6 firmware.

Schmidt Eightvoice Analog SynthesizerStarting shipment of the fourth (25-unit) batch of the Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer has taken time with time spent waiting while production partner e:m:c (electronic music components) successfully solved procurement problems relating to hard-to-source components. ‘Now nothing stands in the way of further construction of these unique instruments,’ says Schmidt Synthesizer Product Manager. Axel Fischer.

‘From a hardware perspective, the new Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer is identical to the previous batches, save for the fact that 11 knobs have been changed to a grey colour, making for a more clearly arranged operational layout,

‘It includes the current firmware, which adds an easy-to-use onboard polyphonic step sequencer capable of recording 40 steps with each step made up of up to six notes – designed to be used as a live performance tool, and an arpeggiator.’

The Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer’s specs as an eight-voice polyphonic, true analogue machine with digital control and preset memories – 1,028 single sounds and 256 multi-sounds are available at any given time – are as before, and include almost everything subtractive synthesis is capable of alongside some unique features – for example, creating colder, wavetable-like sounds thanks to its chain of five ring modulators fed by six pulse-waves, each with different pulse widths.

Schmidt Eightvoice Analog SynthesizerThe design features discrete sound generation circuitry (no integrated oscillator/filter circuits); dual and true multitimbral modes; separate audio outputs per voice, plus summing outputs and headphone output; 61 keys, semi-weighted with velocity and aftertouch; glide/portamento capabilities; real time modifiers, fully programmable per preset; comprehensive Midi implementation with USB port and DIN connectivity; adjustable-angle control panel with dedicated knobs and buttons for all sound programming functions; precise information on parameter names and current values via a large LCD with changeable colour background; multi-colour LEDs; internal power supply; and an included flightcase.

With e:m:c recently receiving a sizeable order from the only store it supplies, anyone interested purchasing should order directly from Schmidt-Synthesizer’s production partner.

Schmidt-Synthesizer and production partner e:m:c have increased pricing by approximately ten per cent. Within the EU it is now €21,900 (inc VAT) in classic anthracite, with white at €22,900 (inc VAT), with shipping costs not included. Outside of the EU it is €18,500 (ex VAT) in anthracite or white in €19,300 (ex VAT), with customs and shipping costs not included. Interested parties should contact e:m:c.

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