Enhancia’s Neova Midi Ring Controller claims to offer a ‘new form of musical expression’ by allowing performers to control Midi-compatible devices using natural hand gestures. Comprising a ring and a hub, the ring recognises motion and sends information to the hub through a proprietary wireless protocol optimised for low latency.

Enhancia Neova Midi Ring ControllerThe Neova Hub promises to be a seamless fit with hardware and software synthesisers with ‘zero exception, zero compromise, zero concession’, connecting with synthesisers or computer using standard Midi or USB. It also includes a charging system for the battery in the ring.

After a simple set-up process, musicians are ready to start playing or controlling an instrument through hand movements through the ring’s software-based gesture library, which covers Vibrato, Pitch Bend, Tilt and Roll control – each gesture generating expression information that is sent to the connected Midi device. The ring’s proprietary ultra-low-latency wireless technology (with a claimed eight times more reactive performance than Bluetooth) supports the connection between the performer and sound source.

Neova is natively recognised as a Midi controller by computers and DAWs. It can also be used as a standard controller with any synthesiser (analogue and digital) compatible with Midi protocol over a Midi connection.

Enhancia Neova Midi Ring Controller and HubThe Neova Dashboard software provides intuitive and simple interface to tailor presets to personal preference – ‘infinitely configurable and upgradable, the Dashboard is your companion for an immersive and breathtaking emotional experiencei.

‘Through three years of intense research, we challenge ourselves to create the shortest path between musical intention and raw emotion,’ the French company says. ‘That’s why we focused towards the relationship musicians have with their instrument and more precisely the way they interact with them. As musicians, we know how your instruments are essential in a musician’s production process. At Enhancia, we deeply study playing movement of pianists and we ask ourselves how we can retrieve subtle gestures of musicians and translate it into their production. To finally create a creative and unique music style.’

The company’s first product, Neova is available for €399/US$399.

More: www.enhancia-music.com

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