Korg’s new opsix Altered FM Synthesizer offers six-operator FM synthesis with 16-step note and motion sequencing, 32 notes of polyphony, triple multi-effects processing, arpeggiator, five modulation modes, 12-point modulation matrix (including preset sequence patterns) – all with instant on-panel editing.

Korg opsix Altered FM SynthesizerFollowing in the footsteps of the pioneering (six-operator) Yamaha DX7 and building on the groundbreaking level of FM editability pioneered by Korg with the volca FM Synthesizer, the opsix lets players move beyond programming with fast and intuitive access the building blocks of FM sound with zero programming.

All 40 original FM algorithms are available, and allow user configurations of the six operators. Exploration of opsix’s sonic potential is facilitated by 500 programs (250 Korg presets and 250 user programs as the default) that can be called up and saved in an instant.

‘The opsix is both classic and innovative,’ says Korg USA Brand Manager, James Sajeva. ‘It reimagines digital synthesis, taming its complexity while expanding sound-shaping possibilities. Everything that Altered FM embodies delivers unique and yet-unheard sounds that will propel FM’s nearly 40-year influence on music in new directions.’

The sound-shaping of opsix is augmented by the granularity of control of its five operator modes – Carrier/Modulator Wavefolder, Filter, Filter FM, and Ring Modulator – including operator mixing, up to 8-voice unison from 32 voices of polyphony.

There are three onboard stereo effects processors with 30 effect types (dynamics, EQ, delay, reverb and more), a 16 Step sequencer using ‘logue-style’ motion sequencing, multi-modelled filter section to follow FM sound creation, and a 12-patch virtual patchbay for expressive modulation options including three envelope generators and three LFOs.

Dedicated and programmable buttons, sliders, knobs and an LED display are set above a full-size 37-key velocity-sensitive keyboard. The relationships between operators are graphically displayed by the positions of the knobs and sliders, which, along with opsix’s onboard spectrum analyser and oscilloscope, lets players visualise what they are hearing.

The Korg opsix Altered FM Synthesizer will be available in early 2021 for US$799.99.

More: www.kor.com

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