zplane.development has announced deCoda software, combining numerous audio technologies to make it easier and quicker for beginners to learn and practice new song material. deCoda is designed to help both new and established musicians with learning and practising passages of music.

zplane.development deCodaUsing simple drag-and-drop functionality, deCoda will automatically recognise and map chords, song structure and tempo.

The user can then play through sections at variable tempos starting off slowly and building up speed as proficiency increases. The musical key can also be instantly transposed, pitch changed in both directions by up to an octave and a focus EQ tool can isolate parts of the audio spectrum based on the frequency and panning information.

Key features:

  • Advanced chord and tempo detection algorithms.
  • Flexible looping options.
  • Automatic song structure detection - Part A, B C, A2, B2 etc.
  • Available on Mac & Windows.
  • GUI designed with a touchscreen in mind.
  • Instantly transpose to a chosen key.
  • Change tempo whilst maintaining the pitch.
  • Focus EQ for isolating parts of the track.
  • Melody information displayed on a piano roll.
  • Exportable Midi.
  • One off low price for a perpetual licence.

Mac requirement is for minimum OS-X 10.7, and for PC it is Windows 7 x86/x64 Supported audio includes CoreAudio, Windows Audio, DirectX and ASIO in wav, aiff, MP3, wma, flac and ogg formats, with a minimum 1366x768 video resolution. CPU minimum 1.5GHz.

More: www.decoda.app

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