Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers reckons its Voltage Research Laboratory (VRS) to be ‘a completely different, organic analogue synthesiser, functionally influenced by the behaviours and systems of the natural world, with which adventurous users can explore the natural systems and lesser-known fringes of analogue synthesis as a wildly experimental and extremely deep sonic playground’.

Voltage Research Laboratory The company’s most ambitious and experimental synthesiser to date, Voltage Research Laboratory comprises three modules – fully compatible with Eurorack modular systems – housed in a purpose-built, handmade Eurorack case.

Central to Voltage Research Laboratory’s sound palette is its lifeforms voltage lab module. This uses a complex oscillator pair – primary oscillator and secondary oscillator – with a wide range of shaping and manipulation options to move away from basic geometric shapes to more harmonically rich tones. There is also a custom wave folder offering enhanced waveform warping, linear FM, amplitude modulation and other waves.

Furhter manipulation comes courtesy of a set of multi-function generators that work as interactive voltage processing systems to create and modify complex control voltages. Acting as voltage-controllable envelopes, LFOs, slew generators, and other controls, these function generators give life to evolving control signals.

Twin dynamics controllers expand on the classic low-pass gate, the dynamics controller, with variable response adding organic depth to the module by simulating the natural behaviour of sound. The multi-mode signal processor features a 12dB resonant filter, VCA, and percussive low-pass gate modes.

The lifeforms voltage lab module also makes use of an analogue delay to create an artificial sense of time and space. Sonic manipulation of delay time and feedback add depth and warmth through chorus, Doppler, echo, flanger, reverb and slapbacktype effects.

TVoltage Research Laboratory he module includes noise, stepped random CV, a pseudo-random sequence generator, pitched random CV, pitched random sequences, and random gates to add multiple levels of unpredictability to any patch.

Voltage Research Laboratory itself includes the lifeforms touch controller module, promising to ‘effectively overcome the creative restrictions of a traditional chromatic keyboard with a set of fully-configurable, multi-dimensional touch pads as a duophonic touch controller’. By bringing into play two sets of five touch pads, it offers a flexible and interactive performance surface, so performances can be interpreted with a unique combination of monophonic and duophonic responses. The lifeforms touch controller module’s channel animator also allows speedy generation of complex sequences or glitchy chaos.

As a Voltage Research Laboratory exclusive, the lifeforms utility module features a unity gain signal mixer/splitter along with stereo headphone and line outputs, rounding out the functionality of this completely different, organic analogue synthesiser.

The three Voltage Research Laboratory modules are housed in a 96hp Eurorack enclosure, shaped with the warmth of walnut and the strength of steel. Suitably named, the Lifeforms Research Console case perfectly pairs classic desktop synthesiser ergonomics with a modern Eurorack form factor and a clean, reliable power supply.

More: www.pittsburghmodular.com

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