Novation SummitNovation has announced a new flagship synthesiser, Summit.

Designed for both studio and stage, Summit claims ‘the same innovative foundations as the critically acclaimed Peak’, promising deep sound design capabilities through a 16-voice two-part multitimbral engine and intuitive, tactile workflow – enabling it to effectively operate as two Peaks in a single instrument with completely independent patches split or layered across the keyboard, or switched between on the fly. There are also additional dual filters, extended front panel controls, audio input and the same premium five-octave keyboard introduced with our SL MkIII Midi controller.

At the heart of Summit is the digital New Oxford Oscillator, three of which are employed by every one of its 16 voices. They’re hosted on the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip, which not only helps to generate authentic analogue waveforms at high resolution (24MHz), but also facilitates FM and wavetable synthesis for rich, complex and highly textural raw tones.

The FPGA feeds into a true stereo analogue signal path, comprising dual 12dB/octave filters (switchable between six paired combinations of low-pass, high-pass and band-pass modes), analogue VCAs and three stages of distortion (pre- and post-filter, and post-VCA).

Summit also boasts a wealth of modulation sources and assignment options, three effects, audio input for routing external sources into those effects (while still using the other multitimbral part as a synth) and an auxiliary output. And the front panel expands on Peak’s layout with the addition of dedicated controls for FM, all LFOs and effects.

Novation terms it ‘quite simply the best sounding, most versatile synth we have ever made – Summit gives the serious producer or performer everything needed to design and play stunning basses, leads, arps, pads, effects, soundbeds and beyond’.


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