Kenton Electronics has released the Thru-12, a Midi Thru unit that acts as an central hub and data spreader for large Midi studio set-ups and modular/Eurorack synth collections.

Kenton Electronics Thru-12‘Thru-12 is designed to work with today’s producers who face a growing list of challenges when working with modular systems or set-ups with multiple Midi hardware devices,’ says John Kenton Price of Kenton Electronics. ‘It simply and effectively allows you to get your Midi messages out and keeps you completely connected with your studio hardware.’

Thru-12 takes the data from a single Midi Out – a sequencer or master keyboard – and presents it at 12 Midi Thru sockets for distribution to the Midi Ins of sound modules or other devices, so up to 12 devices receive the same Midi data. A typical ‘in-use’ scenario would be playing up to 12 synth modules with a single keyboard or sequencing multiple synth or other Midi modules from a single computer.

Thru-12 works with all Midi messages including Clock, SysEx and MTC (Midi Time Code). It also includes Schmitt trigger logic for signal quality restoration and boasts less than one microsecond of latency. Finally, power comes by way of a mains (wall wart) adaptor into a single 2.1mm DC input.

Thru-12 boasts high build quality and sits within a robust, knock-busting metal box with an attractive brushed aluminium finish. It features a single opto-isolated Midi In and a separate drive for each of the 12 Midi Thru/Outs.

Thru-12 is available now for £109.80 (inc VAT/£91.50 ex VAT).


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