Softube Buchla 259e plug-inSoftube has released the first officially licenced Buchla plug-in – the 259e Twisted Waveform Generator for Modular.

The Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator plug-in for Modular features all the digital waveshaping, aliasing noise and fold-over frequencies of the original hardware. It comprises 259e two separate oscillators, Principal and Modulation, where Modulation can be used either to modulate the Principal oscillator or as a separate generator of audible tones. The sine wave generated by the Principal oscillator is simultaneously applied to two of the eight available waveshape tables. A morph voltage pans between the two tables and a warp voltage varies the amplitude of the sinusoidal (driving) waveform. Both these functions can be modulated by the Modulation oscillator.

Three of the waveshape tables are actually not tables in the classical sense, but are portions of the 259e operating program, full of unpredictable noise and frequent silences. This is the innovative Mem Skew mode, possibly the most distinguishing feature of the Buchla 259e. When these tables are selected, the FM controls are reassigned to table scanning functions and the FM inputs become table modulators.

Buchla 259e is an add-on for Softube’s virtual Eurorack synth Modular, and using the 259e requires a Modular licence. Where the hardware costs US$1599, the plug-in is US$99.


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