Solid State Logic has announced an new version of its Matrix mixing console/DAW control surface – the Matrix2.

SSL Matrix2Combining analogue mic preamplifiers and software-controlled analogue patching and advanced DAW control, Matrix2 brings a ‘significantly upgrade’ to its control of patching of analogue channel inserts. Hardware device inserts can now be loaded directly from the console hardware controls (previously this was done only via the remote browser software), and a new interface that facilitates loading individual processors, A/B comparison of different processors and building processor chains. The Matrix remote browser software has also been re-designed to provide a new drag-and -drop style interface for loading processors and building chains.

A Fader Linking system has been added to the console, which allows two or more faders to be grouped for stereo or 5.1-channel control, or subgroup-style mixing. The A-Fada (Analogue Fader Accesses DAW Automation) summing system used in SSL’s Duality, AWS and new SSL Sigma rack has been introduced to enable the analogue faders of Matrix2 to be driven by automation data from a user’s DAW. A-Fada enables channel automation to be performed entirely in the analogue signal path but with the advantages of DAW automation data editing. The addition of A-Fada to Matrix2 facilitates project portability between different SSL products. The previously optional 5.1 output card will now be included as standard pre-fitted in all units.

A collection of smaller new features have also been added, including ‘partial TR set-up save and import’, which allows selected parts of the console setup to be saved and imported as setup templates; new Preset insert matrix scenes; Preset insert naming tools; ‘automatic dB readout’ for Pro Tools users, allowing the scribble strip to display fader values upon touch; modifier key ‘press-and-hold’ functionality for Cubase/Nuendo users and new DAW templates for Presonus Studio One and Ableton Live!

Matrix2 will ship in December 2013 priced $23,999, £14,749 and €18,487 plus Tax.

All of these new features (excluding the 5.1 output card) will be available to existing customers as a free upgrade.


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