SSL C10 HD v4 software The release of v4 software for SSL’s C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console is intended to ‘significantly expand’ its capabilities.

The maximum channel count available for C10 has been increased to 160 channels. The V4 upgrade also introduces optional Wide Range 2 Band Filters, which add hig-h and low-pass filters to the channel signal path, expanding the EQ to a full six-band parametric. The Eyeconix Processing Display enables switching of the channel info displays to show EQ, dynamics and panning graphs instead of Eyeconix images. The Eyeconix system has also been extended to make Eyeconix graphics available for ASG and PGM buses, aux and mix minus masters and DBA buses.

HyperRoute introduces an additional destination-based routing structure, which displays destination source assignments without having to re-navigate through the source>destination path. The console’s new Assignable Delay Modules make integrating a wider range of external sources into live-to-air feeds quicker and easier. A total of 32 of the 64 available delays can now be routed anywhere, including aux and monitor inserts, or external I/O destinations that pick up internal or external sources as inputs.

An Automix Overide function adds an option to automatically close the pre fader feed to the Dialogue Automix system when the participants channel fader is closed.

In Mix Minus Lock mode, all channels are initially routed to the mix minus buses; the in-channel Mix Minus routing buttons can then be used to exclude channels from each bus as required. A new Status Lock Function helps protect the Channel On and/or PGM routing buttons from being pressed accidentally.

A new Control Surface Screen Saver extends the operational life of the console control surface by switching off all of the OLEDs and screens when not in use.

‘The new software release introduces a substantial collection of features designed to streamline operational workflow for audio engineers,’ says SSL Director of New Products, Niall Feldman. ‘The upgrade reflects both the flexibility of the console and the ability of our engineering team to listen to end-users and implement their wish-list into the console feature set. As the C10’s influence continues to grow around the world, we are confident the V4 upgrade will help keep the console in its sector-leading position in the coming years.’


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