The latest software update for JoeCo’s BlackBox multichannel live audio recorder/player series brings support for replay of polyphonic wav files, from multiple stereo files up to 24- or 64-channel PolyWAV files. Mono, stereo and multichannel files can be used together in the same song, massively enhancing the system’s flexibility.

Version 2.2.7x adds these facilities to both the BlackBox Recorder and the BlackBox Player. JoeCo’s iXML plug-in also enables PolyWAV files to be recorded – a feature aimed at TV and film location recordists to better serve the needs of postproduction facilities, or systems where audio material is ingested in single large files.

The ability to import polyphonic wav files from a DAW has also brought BlackBox Player capability to JoeCo’s 64-channel Madi and Dante systems. Previously available as a dedicated 24-channel playback option for the BlackBox BBR1 series, BlackBox Player software can now be installed on BBR64-Madi and BBR64-Dante systems enabling 64 channels of 48kHz, 24-bit audio to be simultaneously replayed and triggered via footswitch, QWERTY keyboard, time code, Midi and Sony 9-pin. The soon to be released JoeCo BlackBox app for iPad will provide a further control option for triggering backing tracks and multiple surround stems for live shows and themed entertainment.

Further BlackBox Player enhancements resulting from the recent software update include the implementation of a Chase mode, enabling the unit to commence playback in sync when it receives incoming time code. This option can either be controlled from the front panel or via newly extended Sony 9-pin support. The extended 9-pin commands also allow the user to rehearse shows that are normally locked to time code via remote control and are compatible with most edit suites and show controllers. On the BlackBox Player and Recorder, time code can now be shown on the main time display in both record and playback modes.

Other new BlackBox features include more accurate metering and smoother headphone monitor output, especially when changing levels. An additional ‘mix’ feature has also been added to the headphone output on the 64-channel Madi and Dante systems.

The software update can be downloaded free of charge from the End User area of the JoeCo website.


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