Midas has released the v1.14 Midas Offline Editor, which allows creation, editing and viewing of show files for an XL8 on any Intel-based Apple Macintosh computer running OS-X 10.6 or 10.7.

With its offline functionality, shows can be prepared ahead of time or migrated from and XL8 to a Pro6 (or vice-versa), and the console surface can be learned without access to a console.

The Offline Editor allows full control of all parameters – including creation of showfiles, management of preset libraries, system set-up and patching and so on. It will run either the XL8 version or the Pro-Series (Pro3, Pro6 or Pro9) version – as on the physical consoles, both will open the same showfiles, but available resources on that console are limited. The Pro-Series Offline Editor is sized for a Pro9 console –it shows 80 inputs. To use this version for smaller Pro6 and Pro3 consoles, the appropriate number of channels should be selected.

The Offline Editor runs in exactly the same manner as the console software with the addition of one extra screen on the Pro-Series OE, which is an overview screen designed to ease navigation (the XL8 version does not contain the overview). Shows are loaded and saved to and from a USB key, and imported onto the desk’s control centre in the usual way.

Version numbers are ‘in sync’ with the console version numbers, which indicates what they will work with – that is, XL8 Offline Editor v1.11.01 will only work with the XL8 v1.11.01. No other combinations are officially supported, though our forward and backward showfile convertor technology on the console means that you can load shows to different console versions.

System requirements: Intel-based Apple Macintosh computer 512Mb RAM or higher (1Gb recommended) Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution recommended (will run on lesser resolutions with scroll bars) 200 Mbytes free disk space. Mac OS-X 10.6 and 10.7.

More: www.midasconsoles.com

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