Midas has expanded its Pro Series of digital consoles with the Pro2 and Pro2C live audio systems.

Midas Pro2 and Pro2CThe smallest and least expensive Midas digital consoles, the Pro2 and Pro2C promise ‘a quantum leap forward for digital mixing, both in technology and concept’.

Essentially the same console, the Pro2C has eight fewer input faders and the smaller frame, at 730mm by 880mm, compared to 730mm and 1180cm for the Pro2. Both consoles share the same high-quality components and finish as the rest of the Pro Series, including the Alex Cooper-designed mic preamps, A-D converters, and daylight-viewable screens. This offers continuity and provides high functionality and sound quality in a vastly reduced footprint.

The Pro2 features three modes of channel navigation: FOH Normal, MON Normal and Advanced, allowing engineers to mix a large number of inputs on a compact control surface. Putting a Pro2/ Pro2C into Advanced navigation mode enables MCA (Master Control Association) groups. These operate in a similar way to the established VCA (Variable Control Association) groups, but are specific to the selected bus. When the Pro2/Pro2C is in Advanced navigation mode with MCA navigation engaged, the MCA faders control the contributions of their members only to the currently selected bus.

As the Pro2s/Pro2Cs can be operated in a number of different ways, they come loaded with console templates to allow exploration of their new navigation concepts. In Normal mode, operation of the Pro2/Pro2C is similar to many other digital consoles, allowing operators to work as they are accustomed to. The Advanced navigation features can be implemented as the operator becomes familiar with the console. All Midas digital console showfiles are compatible with all Midas digital consoles, allowing a show written on a PR02/Pro2C to run on a PR03, Pro6, Pro9, XL8 and vice versa.

Key features:

  • New iPad application
  • 56 mic/line inputs with Midas mic preamps
  • 64 input channels
  • 32 analogue outputs (including two stereo local monitor outputs)
  • 2 AES3 outputs
  • 2 AES3 inputs
  • 27 sample-synchronous, phase-coherent buses
  • 6 stereo FX engines
  • Up to 28 Klark Teknik DN370 31-band Graphic EQs
  • 8 VCA (Variable Control Association) groups
  • 6 POPulation groups
  • 192 MCA (Master Control Association) groups
  • 48 x 16 x 100m digital snake included

The Pro2/Pro2C standard system consists of a control surface and one 5U DL251 19-inch rack I/O unit, connected by a networked audio and data system. The network carries both proprietary control data and open architecture AES50 digital audio, and uses standard Cat5E or Cat6 cabling and connectors. PR02/PR02C is network-compatible with all other Midas digital systems and I/O devices. The Pro2 control surface weighs in at 46kg, with the Pro2C tipping the scales at 37kg.

The Pro2/Pro2C is the first Midas product to provide compatibility with the new iPad application, which will be rolled out to all other consoles by the year end. The Midas iPad app will permit a user to control remotely, via wireless, all console fader positions including inputs, outputs and VCA faders. It will allow remote control of all onboard GEQ, and also provide the operator with a console overview, including all input and output meters in real-time.

More: www.midasconsoles.com

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