CEntrance has announced the English Channel, a suite of analogue tools and digital audio recorder.

CEntrance English ChannelWith live streamers, podcasters and YouTubers in its sights, the English Channel comprises a studio-grade microphone preamp, a dynamics processor and a classic analogue EQ in a small desktop unit. These are accompanied by a streaming audio interface that allows a vocal artist to livestream a performance via a connected phone or laptop, record to the built-in recorder, or record the performance via software.

The English Channel’s palm-size audio devices are designed to work together. The SoapBox is a studio mic preamp with gate, compressor and de-esser. The preamp features 70dB of gain and works with all condenser and dynamic microphones. The BlackCab is a three-band parametric EQ with sonic shaping features. The third device is PortCaster R4S, a streaming audio interface with monitoring over headphones or loudspeakers. PortCaster also includes a 24-bit SD Card digital recorder, with One-Button Record feature. With its two additional microphone inputs, PortCaster makes it possible to record three-person podcasts, and also allows adding a podcast participant to call in over the phone.

The three devices are secured in the Commander Console, a lightweight desktop ‘rack’ using camera-style, removable screws.

The English Channel can take power from any standard USB charger or power bank via USB-C, or be powered by a USB jack in a car. Only one USB power cable is required, as each device passes power to other devices. The product ships in a small travel case with extra space for a microphone, offering a portable solution for high-quality recording or streaming.

A bonus of analogue technology is ‘zero-latency’, which makes live streams immediate and lets the host monitor the programme without audio delay. With the compressor unit inline before the A/D converter, the English Channel also helps prevent overloads and distortion during production.

The products are rugged and feature intuitive controls and operation. They use tactile analogue controls and can be accessed without looking, which is important for a busy professional. Designed to help the vocal artist focus on their craft, the product purposely avoids distracting screens or complicated menus.

‘Busy vocal artists prefer to minimise the time spent in production, so we designed the English Channel with that in mind,’ says CEntrance founder and CEO, Michael Goodman. ‘Using their favuorite presets for gate, compression and EQ, a user can now quickly deliver broadcast-grade audio from a hotel room or even a parked car. Pros may love the sound of their studio rackmount gear, but it’s difficult to take that on the road. The English Channel offers that great-sounding, classic analogue technology in the palm of your hand.’

The English Channel will be available in Q1 2023 for US$1,499.99. The bundle includes the Commander Console rack, the case, and needed cables.

More: https://centrance.com/english-channel

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