PreSonus’ Studio One recording and production software has received a major update, adding features and bringing improvements.

PreSonus Studio One 4.5The redesigned Input Channel section adds updated hardware preamp controls for selected PreSonus audio interfaces, as well as software-based input gain and phase controls to each input. This combination of hardware- and software-based gain controls offers more flexibility and control throughout the entire recording and mixing process. All audio and instrument channels, effects channels, and buses also feature gain and phase controls.

Grouping has been completely redesigned, introducing attributes for defining edit groups or mix groups using attributes for volume, pan, mute/solo, inserts and sends. Groups can be nested and can be easily edited and activated/suspended with one click. A dedicated command can globally enable/disable all Groups at once.

Setting up an external audio interface is a lot easier thanks to several I/O set-up improvements. Add any number of new inputs and outputs in just one step, including custom naming and colouring. Inputs and outputs can be reordered with simple drag-and-drop. Users who switch interfaces, move between studios, or collaborate will appreciate the new Import and Export options for I/O set-ups.

A new Plug-In Manager lists all installed third-party plug-ins, including a list of plug-ins that were blacklisted during the initial scan, allowing them to be reset individually or globally. Showing or hiding individual or groups of plug-ins only takes a few clicks.

CPU load for using combined virtual instruments inside a Multi-Instrument has been reduced by 70 per cent for Native Plug-ins and by around 50 per cent for third-party instruments like Kontakt. CPU optimisation has also been implemented for Mai Tai, Presence XT, SampleOne XT and Impact XT.

Studio One 4.5 extends Midi editing with new note actions – examples include Fill with Notes, Randomize Notes, Apply Scale and Mirror Notes. Note actions can be used manually and individually, and they can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts and used as part of a Macro command. Shortcuts or Macros can then be added to any Macro Toolbar, enabling even more powerful customisation.

Other important enhancements include the Chord Selector offering a convenient Audition mode. Individual Audio Events, Audio Parts and Instrument Parts in an arrangement can now be locked to prevent unintentional moving or editing, and entire tracks can also be locked. Video can be exported with the audio mixdown as the soundtrack. AAC (m4a) and ALAC (Apple Lossless) format compatibility for audio import and export at different bit depths and sample rates have been added.


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