Genelec has upgraded its 1032C two-way close-field monitor with the features and flexibility of Smart Active Monitoring (SAM).

Genelec 1032COffering wide dynamic range, accurate imaging and on/off axis response for which the Genelec 1000 Series is known, the 1032C adds advanced auto-calibration and networking, plus across-the-board improvements including a digital input, higher SPL handling and increased low-frequency extension.

The1032C combines contemporary technologies with the qualities of the original model, including the same drivers, acoustic design and soffit-mount styling. The result is a significantly upgraded monitor built for the most demanding modern music, postproduction and broadcast studios, that retains the heritage and appeal of both its ‘A’ and ‘B’ version predecessors.

Leading the advances is the incorporation of SAM, Genelec technology and a foundation for the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software application for PC and Mac. Where the origianl 1032 offered rear-panel DIP switches to allow the speaker to be calibrated for different working environments, the 1032C adds a precise and easy-to-achieve auto-calibration system and becomes part of a family of Smart Active Monitors from across the Genelec range, all of which can be used together to create recallable networks – from stereo, to immersive set-ups.

Using the GLM app, 1032C owners can optimise performance for even the most difficult acoustic environments, compensating for factors such as placement and time of flight anomalies to facilitate the best possible listening experience within a room. As a latest generation SAM device, the 1032C also includes Video Delay Compensation, level calibration and input sensing for automatic power saving and wake up (Intelligent Signal Sensing – ISS).

Further refinements have been made to the previous model’s already impressive performance. Custom-designed Class D amplification means a 2.4kg reduction in weight (now 17kg), and a switch mode power supply (with universal voltage), developed in-house by Genelec, brings greater efficiency and savings in power consumption. Compared to the 1032B, the new 1032C has an improved maximum SPL of 114 dB with a frequency response of 40Hz–20kHz. In terms of power, compared to the previous model’s 120W and 180W, the 1032C tweeter and woofer power amplifiers are now respectively rated at 150W and 250W.

‘The original 1032 was a much-loved classic both for the high SPL it offered and the finesse that it delivered,’ says Genelec MD, Siamäk Naghian. ‘Now, by incorporating the latest technologies, the 1032C brings those same advantages into the modern studio environment. For those looking for the classic 1000 series Genelec sound and styling, but who want to benefit from the most sophisticated monitoring technologies in the world, the 1032C is the perfect choice.’


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