Genelec has expanded its range of Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) studio loudspeaker systems with five additions – the 8340 and 8350 monitors combined with new 7360 and 7370 subwoofers for both analogue and digital audio applications. The subwoofers are complemented by the new 9301 AES/EBU Multichannel interface, which allows easy connection to any 7.1 digital audio sources.

Genelec SAM SystemsGenelec’s new generation SAM systems include floating-point DSP engines, linearised phase response, plus auto-calibration and spectral tuning for better room integration and ease of use in any environment. Their universal mains input voltage allows easy connectivity to any mains power. The subwoofers are built on Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology, which allows them to deliver articulate, precise low frequency reproduction with high dynamic capability.

Highly-efficient Genelec-designed class-D amplifiers combined with latest-technology drivers allow the 8340 and 8350 to achieve substantially higher sound pressure level than their predecessors, with high dynamic range, improved frequency response flatness and very low distortion. The new smart monitors also use technology from the 8000 Series, such as Genelec’s Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) design which provides very low cut-off frequency and vibration-free structure for clean sound at high output levels. Their innovative Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) also provides accurate sound reproduction for on- and off-axis listening positions.

Achieving higher sound pressure level with more amplifier power and headroom, the 7360 and 7370 include a comprehensive multichannel bass-management system offering both 7.1 analogue and stereo digital inputs in a single, cost-effective package without the need for additional external A/D converters. The new 9301 AES/EBU Multichannel Interface unit complements the subwoofers by providing 7.1 digital audio inputs and a bass-managed subwoofer output link for a integration of all multichannel audio sources.

Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software (GLM 2.0) is one part of the GLM system, a highly intuitive and powerful monitor control networking system that manages connectivity to all Genelec SAM systems. The intelligent GLM AutoCal technology improves the precision of monitoring by compensating deficiencies in the listening environment. After automated calibration, based on one or more listening positions, all components in a system play back at the same level and timing, with acoustical colorations removed from the monitors’ responses, leaving superb consistency and neutral sound stage imaging.

The GLM 2.0 software allows also all SAM system’s to benefit from the continued evolution of the technology via Mac and Windows user interfaces. New SAM systems are fully backward compatible, allowing to expand easily any monitoring system, as well as to secure previous investments in Genelec products. Genelec new SAM systems are suited to use in broadcast, postproduction, film and music facilities.

‘By improving the system performance, its ease-of-use and further adaptation to the room acoustics, we allow our professional users to have more freedom and to put all their creativity into the audio production rather than spending time adjusting the tools they are using,’ says Genelec Marketing & Business Director, Jani Jalonen.


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