Dynaudio’s new Core 5 monitor and Core Sub Compact subwoofer are designed specifically for smaller studios and immersive set-ups.

Joining the company’s Core reference speaker family, Core 5 a two-way close-field design intended to work in cramped spaces and give usable SPL in a stereo configuration, or to provide width and height support in an immersive set-up – such in an OB truck or a for smaller mix-stage.

Dynaudio Core 5/Core Sub CompactThe diminutive Core 5 delivers 116dB maximum SPL at 1m, has a flat bass response down to 45Hz at -6dB and 51Hz at ±3dB, and it carries 280W of class-D amplification each for its 5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter. Core 5 responds down to 16Hz with 115dB peak output in halfspace.

Core 5 uses the same onboard DSP platform as the rest of the series; each loudspeaker has a set of filters to compensate for position and boundary locations, including meter bridges, stands, brackets, free-space and soffit mounts.

There’s also a low-frequency 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley cut-off filter for use with a subwoofer, and sound-balance tilts (Bright, Natural and Dark) to fine-tune performance precisely to a room. The use of full-spectrum band-pass filters mean phase response is maintained between the drivers. Variable input sensitivity along with user-defined maximum output SPL (with the greatest bit-depth), customisable AES3 stream-channel routing are also available.

Core Sub Compact uses the same amplifier module and DSP engine with the same customisation options (analogue, AES3 digital…) able to serve a 2.1-channel system up to a 17.1.11 immersive rig, and maintains consistency with the Core family, allowing combinationf of loudspeakers to be used.

Core 5 and Core Sub Compact are available now in the EMEA region, and will be available in the rest of the world in Q2, 2024.

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