PSI Audio has introduced the updated A215-M mastering loudspeaker monitor, which now features the company’s own hand-built tweeter.

PSI Audio A215-M mastering loudspeakerThe new tweeter is made by hand at the company’s own facility in Switzerland, complementing the true D’Appolito woofer configuration of the monitor. Following the rule ‘if you cannot find it, make it’, PSI Audio created its own high-frequency driver to perfectly suit its requirements. As a result, the A215-M is claimed to have taken ‘a new evolutionary step, providing even more clarity and transparency, further improving on the spectral balance while preserving the outstanding full-range performance of the former iteration’.

The A215-M is the only floor-standing loudspeaker from the Swiss manufacturer, incorporating a 10° rearward angle to avoid reflections from the back of the room. Its frequency range, power capacity and sonic performance make the A215-M a contender for mastering applications as well as any critical listening environment – all the way to home listening for discerning audiophiles.

To achieve the required acoustic performance, PSI Audio employs a number of proprietary technologies integrated into the all-analogue, DSP-free design. Compensated Phase Response (CPR) aligns the different drivers for absolute accuracy in terms of time and phase; Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI) monitors membrane movement and corrects it to improve detail and transient accuracy; class-G/H amplifiers efficiently deliver power without colouring the audio signal.

PSI Audio develops, builds and calibrates every loudspeaker by hand in the company’s own workshop. Skilled specialists take care of every step of the assembly, from soldering the electronic components to the boards to measuring the final product in the anechoic chamber. PSI Audio products are built to last, professional tools that become long-term partners in the media creation process.

The A215-M is available immediately.


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