French manufacturer Focal has unveiled the ST6 studio monitor range of loudspeakers, comprising updated versions of the company’s Solo and Twin models, along with a new Sub 12 subwoofer.

Focal ST studio monitor range After 15 years in production, Focal’s Solo6 and Twin6 have been redesigned for improved performance, taking advantage of innovations in audio design including improved transducers, new amplifiers and structurally enhanced cabinets.

Both models retain the heritage of the Beryllium range, including signature inverted dome tweeters, plus improved ‘W’ sandwich cone drivers using Focal’s proprietary Tuned Mass Damper technology (TMD) – a feature borrowed from the flagship Trio11 monitors which offers 50 per cent lower distortion in the 1-3kHz range.

Also inherited from the Trio11 is Focal’s Focus Mode feature, which enables muting/focusing certain drivers to offer different listening perspectives and provide engineers with insight on how mixes will sound across various devices. In the case of the Solo 6 ST6 and Twin 6 ST6, Focus mode removes the Beryllium tweeter from the listening equation leaving only the woofer(s) to operate as full-range drivers. Mono jack loop ports on the rear of each monitor allow Focus Mode to also be operated via a latching footswitch to compare modes on the fly.

The new Solo 6 ST6 includes fixture points for wall and ceiling mounting – by attaching K&M brackets, the monitors can be configures as part of a Dolby Atmos or Sony 360RA set-up.

Joining the Sub 6 and Sub One in Focal’s subwoofer range, the Sub 12 features a newly designed 13-inch driver delivering more articulation and definition than its predecessors. Sub 12 is powered by a BASH power amplifier, serving up 600W of RMS power/1kW peak. Thanks to a newly conceived cabinet with optimised bracing and a front-facing port based on Focal’s flagship Trio11 monitors, the Sub 12 is capable of incredible low-end impact, while maintaining low distortion and negligible mechanical noise.

UK availability of the new ST line is via SCV.

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