Fluid Audio LLC has announced the Fluid Image 2 studio monitor.

Fluid Audio Fluid Image 2Intended for close-field and midfield use, the Image Two is offered as a ‘two-in-one’ monitor – a full-range mixing and mastering system with a mixcube mode, that helps with low end and mids for ‘bass challenged’ replay systems. This also helps adjust the overall balance, depth, vocals, and nail the kick drum.

Using the latest in DSP development and class-D amplification, Image 2 promises accurate imaging, a broad frequency response, and high output with low distortion

A USB port adds functionality to the Image 2, extending the ability to accurately process source material via onboard room correction in the future. In addition, a newly developed AMT tweeter delivers precise transient response and high details free of distortion.

A custom aluminium cone mid-range driver uses shorting rings, reducing harmonic and intermodulation distortion associated with voice coil displacement. It also reduces the modulation of magnetic flux during the movement of the voice coil to make the variation of system inductances more linear as input current varies.

Dual 8-inch opposed ultra-long-throw interlocked bass woofers give cabinet stability and provide extended bandwidth, 28Hz–30 Hz (±6dB) 80/20kHz (±2dB). Each bass driver is individually powered by a 225W class-D amplifier.

A closed cabinet design provides a natural roll off, lack of ‘bass humps’ and less likelihood of unwanted frequency interaction with the room.

The Image 2 is priced at US$1,899/€1,799 (each) and is expected to ship in September 2022.

More: www.fluidaudio.com

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