Genelec has simplified the configuration and management of its Smart Active Monitoring systems with the introduction of GLM 4.2 loudspeaker manager software and 9301B multichannel AES/EBU interface. These allow cost-effective and seamless creation of scalable immersive monitoring systems of up to 16 channels, using one or more bass-managed subwoofers, or 32 channels if using a second 9301B.

The GLM 4.2 update is powered by the AutoCal 2 automatic room calibration algorithm and introduces a host of new features, including the Grade Room Acoustic Report, remote control of key parameters, and improved symmetric calibration of groups of monitors and subwoofers.

Genelec GLM 4.2 loudspeaker manager softwareBy using the information gathered during the AutoCal calibration process, the Grade report makes GLM the first calibration software to give a complete analysis of room and monitoring system performance, in line with best practices – including ITU-R BS.1116 recommendations. The report, which as an introductory offer is available free of charge throughout 2022, provides specific observations and advice on any acoustical issues, helping users and studio designers to fine tune a room’s acoustic treatment, adjust monitor and listener positions, and optimise bass management.

The report analyses a wide range of variables including frequency response accuracy and early vs late sound at the listening position, time of flight accuracy, early reflection structure, and a complete room acoustic analysis. These combine to identify the reasons for any inaccuracy in sound colour, the precision of stereo imaging, the degree of listener envelopment, and subwoofer and bass management performance.

By introducing Midi remote compatibility, GLM 4.2 also offers a faster, smoother monitor control experience with both DAWs and control surfaces, allowing external control of key functions including playback volume level and the activation of mutes, volume presets, bass management and monitor groups.

For the increasing number of users embracing immersive audio, GLM 4.2 can calibrate both huge and compact monitoring systems, enabling listening distances down to 0.5m (20 inches). The calibration group ID and subwoofer group ID features improve the way that selected monitors can be calibrated as symmetric groups, and multiple subwoofers can now work together in highly flexible topologies.

Subwoofer configuration is also improved for immersive users via the 9301B interface. The 9301B works in conjunction with Genelec 7300 series Smart Active Subwoofers to support up to 16 channels of digital audio in a format that is compatible with the 7300 series’ single AES/EBU XLR input. A single 9301B therefore enables support for popular 16 channel formats such as 9.1.6 from a single subwoofer, with an additional 9301B providing compatibility with higher channel count formats such as 22.2.

‘For more than 15 years we’ve been refining the performance and user experience of our Smart Active Monitoring series to provide our customers with truly scalable, future-proof monitoring systems that can grow with the user whenever their requirements change,’ says Genelec MD, Siamäk Naghian. ‘These new additions not only help the customer get the very best out of their room via the Grade Room Acoustic Report, but they make any transition to the world of immersive monitoring cost-effective and painless. More than ever, Genelec continues to represent a secure long-term investment for audio professionals the world over.’


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