German studio specialist Neumann has announced the KH 750 AES67 subwoofer featuring the company’s Automatic Monitor Alignment MA 1, allowing for room adaptive correction of an entire monitoring system, including even analogue Neumann loudspeakers.

Neumann KH 750 AES67A variant of the KH 750 DSP for AES67-based environments, the new subwoofer is aimed at applications using Audio-over-IP in existing AES67 infrastructure. Its AES67 interface allows users to address not only the subwoofer but the entire stereo system, including speakers connected to the KH 750 AES67.

‘Its dual AES67 audio network connections are fully compliant with broadcast standards such as ST 2110 and ST 2022-7 redundancy,’ explains Portfolio Manager, Markus Wolff. ‘At the same time, the KH 750 AES67 is also compatible with Dante-generated AES67 network streams.’

The acoustic properties of the KH 750 DSP have been retained, as well all other features, such as the Bass Manager with four routing modes, flexible acoustical controls for a wide range of configurations and set-up conditions, as well as analogue and digital inputs and outputs

In combination with Automatic Monitor Alignment (Mac and PC), a monitoring system can be precisely calibrated to suit specific room’s character. This includes the monitors connected to it, whose amplitude and phase frequency responses are corrected and adapted to the monitoring environment.

The newly developed 10-inch ultra-long excursion woofer features an extremely linear magnet system with ELFF technology (Extremely Linear Force Factor). Despite its compact dimensions, the KH 750 AES67 provides bass extension down to 18Hz. Because the subwoofer relieves the connected monitors of much of the low frequency reproduction, intermodulation distortion is reduced, and maximum sound pressure level is increased. By adding another KH 750 AES67, even larger systems may be constructed.

‘The new KH 750 AES67 is Neumann’s entry into the continuous support of AES67 networks,’ says Neumann CEO, Ralf Oehl. ‘It raises the entire monitor system to a new level – deeper bass, higher SPL capability, and even greater sound transparency. In addition, the integrated DSP engine makes it possible to linearise and room-align amplitude and phase via the revolutionary MA 1 system for sound reproduction with unprecedented precision. It is, without exaggeration, the beginning of a new era in Neumann monitoring, which is finally making its way into AES67-based environments such as broadcast studios. More products are to follow.’


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