Genelec has announced the 1235A Smart Active Monitor, advancing its 1035 main monitor with high performance 96kHz processing and the ability to adapt to any space through its integration with Genelec’s GLM calibration software.

Genelec has announced the 1235A Smart Active MonitorThe 1235A is aimed at use in large music, film and postproduction studios that demand high SPL, and stable imaging that can be optimised for the room acoustic.

Launched in 1989, the original 1035 became commonplace around the world, as a soffit-mounted, full-range monitor able to deliver reference performance at high SPLs and over long listening distances. Studio designer Sam Toyoshima was an early evangelist for the 1035, and as a result it was quickly adopted by many of the world’s finest studios, including Metropolis and Olympic in London and JVC and West Side in Japan.

The 1235A shares all the finest characteristics of its forerunner. Wide frequency response both on and off-axis, coupled with controlled directivity, results in a very wide and stable sweet spot that can be trusted by multiple listeners within a room. With a short-term SPL of 130dB and low frequency extension down to 29Hz, the 1235A also delivers high power, with transparent performance that ensures supports accurate, reliable mix decisions even after long sessions.

The 350 litre enclosure of the 1235A shares the dimensions of the 1035, and features dual high performance 15-inch drivers, dual 5-inch midrange drivers and a low distortion 1-inch throat compression driver. The midrange and tweeter drivers work in conjunction with DCW waveguide technology to produce directivity and consistent imaging. The 1235A’s remote-mountable RAM XL electronics module contains power amplification, crossovers and processing, with class -D amplification delivering 2kW, 800W and 250W for the LF, MF and HF drivers respectively. Input connectivity is provided via both analogue and AES/EBU digital formats – along with an AES/EBU digital output – and the updated design of the 1235 also delivers a flatter on-axis frequency response and improved noise performance than was possible with the original 1035.

Through its integration with GLM software, the 1235A can be configured, controlled and calibrated for any type of acoustic environment, allowing the user to tailor the frequency response, level, distance delay and more, to provide a truly optimised listening experience – and mixes that translate perfectly to other rooms and systems. GLM allows users of any type of Genelec Smart Active Monitors to create systems to suit all types of stereo, multiple stereo, multichannel or 3D immersive audio formats.

The technology of the new 1235A is also available as a retrofittable on-site upgrade for present owners of 1035A and B monitors. The upgrade, which includes installation of the new RAM-XL module, brand new drivers and a complete system calibration, can be completed with no structural changes and little downtime, enabling 1035 users to benefit from improved performance, greater flexibility and extended service from their monitors.

‘While control room sizes are generally shrinking, there is still a clear demand from the worlds of music, film and post for main monitors that can deliver pristine truthful performance at very high SPLs,’ says Genelec Managing Director, Siamak Naghian. ‘Sitting happily between our 1234 and 1236 main monitors, we are sure that the technology of the 1235A will be warmly embraced by those building new rooms, and existing owners of vintage 1035s that now want to take advantage of all the power and flexibility that our Smart Active Monitors offer. The first pair of 1235As is already destined for Metropolis Studios in London, and we’re excited about the potential for this reborn Genelec classic,”


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