Carl Tatz Design has announced two new professional close-field reference monitors as part of its line of PhantomFocus Precision Monitoring Instruments.

Carl Tatz Design PFM UHD-1000The PFM HD-1000 High Definition and the PFM UHD-1000 Ultra-High Definition Professional Monitors are intended for use in dedicated mix room or control room/tracking installations. Designed to be used exclusively in tandem with CTD’s on-site installed PhantomFocus System, both models claim ‘superb vocal rendition’, the ability to handle high SPLs (115dB continuous) with lfast transient response.

The PFM HD-1000 is a passive close-field monitor in a low-profile D’Appolito design facilitating console/listener placement. With accelerated response time, phase linearity and tightly controlled mid-bass response, the PFM HD-1000 promises accuracy and non-fatiguing performance beyond that of traditional high- and mid-frequency driver motor capability. It features two proprietary Morel 5.63-inch (143.51 mm) Uniflow aluminium diecast woofers with large 3-inch voice coils and a proprietary 1-inch (23.4 mm) ScanSpeak tweeter with patented phase plug design. The monitor is available with the passive Straight Wire crossover and an optional bi-amp version. The PFM HD-1000 Monitor dimensions are HWD 8.2-inch x 17.8-inch x 12.2-inch (208.28 mm x 452.12 mm x 309.88 mm), and it weighs 22.2lbs (10.06kg).

The flagship PFM UHD-1000 is offered only in a bi-amp configuration and shares all the qualities of the PFM HD-1000, while its bi-amplified configuration and woofer complement claim a depth of field and articulate sonic command ‘heretofore unknown in a professional near-field monitor’. Using the same tweeter as the HD-1000, it is distinguished by its ScanSpeak dual 5.5-inch (139.7mm) proprietary woofer. The PFM UHD-1000 dimensions are HWD 8.2-inch x 17.8-inch x 12.2-inch (208.28mm x 452.12mm x 309.88mm), and it weighs 24.1lbs. (10.93kg).

Both models feature a unique self-bracing trapezoidal cabinet with internal cross-bracing and tuned damping, and a pro-industry-first custom-integrated pistonic decoupling system from IsoAcoustics.


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