Genelec S360A and 7382A subwoofer

Genelec has launched two high-SPL Smart Active Monitors – the two-way S360A, and the 7382A subwoofer – targeting professional applications requiring high acoustic power or listening at a distance, including large immersive set-ups in postproduction studios film mixing stages for play-live monitoring in music production and EDM playback.

Housed in a compact enclosure featuring high-quality Finnish woodwork and extremely low and controlled diffraction, the S360 also features an enhanced 10-inch high-efficiency and minimal distortion woofer based on Genelec’s Master Series, and a completely integrated extended directivity control waveguide DCW, supporting its 1.7-inch titanium diaphragm compression tweeter. The result is a short-term SPL capability of 118dB (with peaks higher) and a long-throw capability that can serve listening distances greater than 33ft (10m). The S360 offers the benefits of main monitor performance in a condensed form factor, including excellent on-axis characteristics and 95° (h) to 75° (v) dispersion.

The S360 enclosure offers versatile in-wall and on-wall mounting options, while down-firing, flow-optimised laminar integrated reflex ports Laminar Integrated Port (LIP) ensure tight and noise-free bass output and are also suited for use with perforated screens. Alternatively, in freestanding mode, the Iso-Plate effectively decouples the monitor from its base, focusing low-frequency output while preventing vibration transfer and air turbulence. Further flexibility comes courtesy of the system electronics, which can be either integrated into the enclosure or positioned remotely.

The S360 offers full integration with Genelec’s GLM software, allowing the configuration, calibration and monitor control of more than 40 channels without the need for external processing.

A companion for both the S360 and Genelec’s other large-format monitors, the 7382 Smart Active Subwoofer (Genelec’s most powerful subwoofer to date) delivers low frequency extension down to 15Hz from three custom-designed 15-inch long-throw woofers. Each benefits from the vibration-free environment of a heavily braced fibreboard enclosure, with laminar flow bass reflex porting extending along the entire rear wall to ensure low distortion and compression-free performance, even with output in excess of 130dB SPL.

The 7382 also works with GLM software to control bass management and solve issues of subwoofer placement in unpredictable rooms, and even to build arrays of Genelec subwoofers.

‘With the launch of the S360 and 7382, we now have an extended comprehensive range of monitors and subwoofers for all room sizes, SPL requirements and listening distances,’ says Genelec MD, Siamäk Naghian. ‘Besides their compatibility with all types of high-SPL music applications, we see them finding their place in larger immersive audio systems, where the listener by definition needs to find themselves utterly immersed in the experience, aware of every detail. That same precision is at the heart of every Genelec monitor. It is why we believe so deeply in the growth of these exciting new multichannel formats, and why we have produced the S360 and 7382: to realise that immersive potential like never before.’

The arrival of the S360 and 7382 coincides with the publication of a new set of educational tools aimed at helping professionals to better understand and make use of Immersive Audio. Titled Genelec Immersive Solutions, the publication will include a comprehensive overview of the requirements for creating an effective immersive audio set-up, including insights into the most commonly adopted formats and the Genelec solutions required to make the most of them. Due to launch alongside the S360 and 7382, the publication will also be available for download.

The Genelec S360 Smart Active Monitor will be priced at US$4,595, and the 7382 Smart Active Subwoofer at US$11,995.


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