Twelve years after the introduction of Danley Sound Labs’ Synergy Horn loudspeakers and Tapped Horn subwoofers to, the company has rolled out the DNA Series of amplifiers with a library of onboard DSP presets covering every Danley loudspeaker and subwoofer.

Danley Sound Labs Exodus rackOffering four channels in two rack spaces, the DNA line comprises the DNA 5k4c, DNA 10k4 Pro and DNA 20k4 Pro models, rated at 5kW, 10kW and 20kW output respectively.

The amplifiers’ DSP resources include Danley’s proprietary linear phase crossover, which works its magic without resorting to latency-inducing FIR filters. All DSP functions operate at 96kHz, 24-bits, delivering greater resolution and lower latency than industry-standard 48kHz units.

Advanced DSP limiting allows users to specify, in voltage, a maximum RMS output and a maximum peak output. ‘The RMS/Peak limiter alone is a great feature, but we’ve added additional layers of protection,’ says Systems Application Engineer, Josh Millward. ‘Each output channel has a dedicated thermal limiter and a dedicated excursion limiter. Even the RMS/Peak limiter’s functionality can be optimized with a VX function, which essentially straps a crossover to it so that passive Danley boxes can have separate limits for high-frequency compression drivers versus low-frequency woofers.’

All DNA amplifiers have international power supplies for120V and 240V operation, along with advanced circuit protection. ‘Say you’re plugging a DNA amplifier into a 20A outlet, you can set the amplifier’s external breaker protection so that it knows it’s plugged into a 20A circuit,’ Millward says. ‘The amp will monitor its performance and limit so as to draw less than 20A. Of course, that limits the output, but that outcome is way better than tripping a circuit breaker and having the event come to a silent and awkward halt.’

Onboard network capabilities are also part of the Danley DNA feature set, allowing he amplifiers can be connected to standard Ethernet networks for monitoring and control. The connections are easy, secure, and robust.

‘One of the huge benefits of the Danley DNA Series amplifiers is that they come with built-in DSP presets for all of the Danley loudspeaker and subwoofer products,’ says Millward. ‘They form an integrated system right out of the box. There’s no need to mix and match, and testing and tuning becomes a much simpler process. Integrators can start tuning a system in the optimal sweet spot and make room- and application-specific adjustments from there.’


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