When Amate Audio introduced its original TriPhonic amplifier30 years ago, it was an industry first. Designed as a one-stop solution for L/R/sub systems,and with onboard signal processing, the TriPhonic amplifier design sold in thousands in its different variants, between 1986 and 2010.

Amate Audio TPDAmate Audio has now reintroduced the concept in a new high-performance digital design. The TPD (TriPhonic Digital) amplifier uses latest-generation class-D amplifier circuitry, extensive onboard DSP and switched-mode power supply, but remains true to the original TP concept in terms of its simplicity of installation and operation. It will serve passive installations, including remote PC operation and preset settings for optimum configuration with Amate Audio’s Key and Joker series speaker systems.

The TPD boasts a host of new features. Third-generation class-D amplifier circuits provide high sonic performance, high efficiency and an almost total absence of thermal challenges. The TPD’s stereo channels each provide 500W of power and 1kW for the sub channel; all at 4Ω. The unit weighs 8kg.

Onboard DSP includes highly-accurate filters, parametric EQs, peak/RMS limiters and delays, enabling time-alignment of amplifier channels. No less than six DSP channels includes three fully configurable outputs for processing additional external amplifier racks.

Universal switched-mode power supply with Active Power Factor Correction, enable the amplifier to operate with any mains condition between 85V and 240V AC. Amate Audio’s EcoMode operation means that the amplifier automatically goes into standby in the absence of an audio signal and instantly powers on as soon as a signal is introduced. A USB connection enables control – and password-lock – of the TPD from a PC with the intuitive DSPLink software.

‘Amate Audio has always been innovative in its amplifier designs and the TPD, like the TP variants before it, offers installers a uniquely dedicated all-in-one solution for amplification and processing of LR satellite and sub sound reinforcement systems,’ says VP & Chief Technology Officer, Joan Amate. ‘Our first fully digital amplifier, it represents a completely state-of-the-art take on one of our most successful heritage designs.

‘Nothing compares with TPD, as a powerful, space saving, simple to install and operate, integrated solution, that fully exploits latest generation digital audio technologies.’

More: www.amateaudio.com

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