The Lab.gruppen compact and ultra-efficient E Series of power amplifiers has been developed specifically for the installation market, and offers high power reserves with low power consumption.

Lab.gruppen E SeriesThis design approach reduces total cost of ownership below that of conventional designs. To achieve this, E Series models use much of the design philosophy and energy-efficient concepts debuted in the Swedish company’s flagship PLM 20000Q touring amplifier, but in a 1U-high, install-centric platform.

The E Series comprises three two-channel power amplifiers incorporating Lab.gruppen’s IDEEA (IntelliDrive Energy Efficient Amplifier) technologies. All are housed in 1U-high cabinets, weigh less than 5kg (11lb) and feature universal power supplies for operation anywhere in the world.

Nominal output power ratings per channel (@ 4Ω or 70V) are 600W, 400W and 200W for, respectively, the E 12:2, E 8:2, and E 4:2. However, significantly higher per-channel outputs are possible with asymmetrical loading and proper setting of Lab.gruppen’s proprietary Rail Sensing Limiter (RSL).

Certified as Energy Star 2.1 compliant, E Series power amplifiers are extraordinarily efficient both in terms of net operating efficiency and typical current draw. In this respect, the power-to-current-draw ratio for burst signals with 1/8th average power is 400W output for 1A of line current at 120V mains – a performance characteristic matched only by the PLM 20000Q. Reduced power consumption in both operational and non-operational cycles results in lower long-term cost of ownership. Control via third-party systems is enabled via GPIO, and build quality is robust in the Lab.gruppen tradition.

‘E Series offers the Lab.gruppen hallmarks of reliability, performance and ease of use at a much more accessible price point for the install market,’ says Lab.gruppen Product Research Manager, Klas Dalbjorn. ‘The energy efficient performance made possible by our new IDEEA technologies means that overall cost of ownership, including lifetime energy consumption, is considerably lower than other products aimed at this market, providing contractors with real, bottom line benefits to their customers and client base.’

The line incorporates a number of technological developments, including Rail Sensing Limiter (RSL), a two-position switch to allow selection of either Hi-Z (100V all models) or Lo-Z (40V-69.3V model dependent) as output thresholds. The RSL switch circuit senses rail voltage and optimizes output for instantaneous load conditions. It also allows for continued operation with fluctuating mains down to below 60V AC. RSL setting also configures outputs for asymmetric loading – this allows users to achieve optimum performance and efficiency with a small subwoofer connected to one channel and a 70V distributed system (such as ceiling loudspeakers) to the other. Overall, this makes E Series extremely flexible for systems designers, allowing a single 1U-high device to fulfil multiple roles in a system, whereas with conventional amplifiers separate units would be required.

A High Headroom Universal Power Supply allows for a higher storage capacity, thus preventing excessive draw on the mains inlet during repeated peak bursts and maintaining extra headroom on the rails for longer sustained maximum power output.

The patented class-D Output Stage is inherently bridged using proprietary topology, allowing up to double rated output on one channel when no load is connected to the other channel.

E Series is Energy Star 2.1 compliant, the first ‘professional-grade’ amplifier capable of these output levels to be so certified. This is an important advantage for installations where energy efficiency standards are critical, such as government and local authority tenders. Each model features an automatic power scheme, which means it turns on with signal present and goes into standby mode automatically after 20 minutes of no signal. GPIO facilitates power on/off state via third-party control systems.

Key features:

  • 1U-high cabinet for high power- and channel-density
  • Each channel can be individually set for either lo-Z (2-16Ω) or hi-Z (70V distributed) systems
  • Asymmetric loading allows ‘mixing and matching’ of loads with different impedances to maximize both overall system efficiency and inventory utilization
  • Single temperature-controlled fan for efficient cooling
  • Comprehensive circuit protection and fault indication
  • Inputs and outputs on detachable Phoenix-type screw terminals
  • 35Hz high-pass filter, switchable per channel

Spec sheet.


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