The v2.1.803 update to Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite software adds a I/O Signal Integrity Monitor, providing information on input signal irregularities.

Powersoft Armonía Pro Audio Suite v2.1.803The I/O Signal Integrity Monitor warns of system irregularities due to a missing input signal or loudspeaker failure. The software enhancement is designed to work without initial measurements, using a programmable pilot tone and trigger threshold, and is able to indicate a single loudspeaker failure within a complex system, even if it is one of multiple lo-Z drivers wired in parallel or one of many in a hi-Z 70/100V line.

The I/O monitor is joined by further enhanced features in the Armonía Pro Audio Suite. TheTruePower limiter keeps the amplifier’s output power at safe levels for the speaker, depending on the varying load impedance over frequency. A Cross Power Limiter mode prevents unnatural pumping effects in a bi-amped system. Active DampingControl provides compensation for speaker wire current losses yielding dramatically improved cone control with a virtually negative output impedance. These innovative features join Powersoft’s LiveImpedance feature that displays real-time load impedance at real-world power levels, using the actual musical signal as the basis for the display information. Crossover and output EQs can be created from FIR and IIR filters and the input EQ section allows for surgical system tuning. The smart and flexible Preset Management window makes system setup straightforward while offering system lockout options.

Armonía offers instant alerts on-screen, via email and/or SMS, and provides for the logging of alerts and events. The advanced grouping panel allows management of complex systems, while offering input EQ for individual channels and groups with multiple layers, various filter types and raised cosine implementation. Armonía works with standard network protocols (Ethernet or RS485), offering easy network set-up with daisy-chaining and auto-addressing with Ethernet and works with two simultaneous AES3 streams, equivalent to four audio channels over Cat5e wiring. The system offers redundancy per ring architecture, a dedicated on-line support forum and programmable stand-by modes for lower power consumption.


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