KV2 Audio has extended the application of its Super Analogue engineering with the introduction of the D Series of amplifiers with onboard control and diagnostics.

KV2 D Series amplifiersD Series amplifiers use a range of topologies including class-AB for exceptional high frequency response, a high current switching topology at low frequencies, and consistent power delivery using toroidal transformers hand-wound in the Czech factory, specific for each model. 

D Series amplifiers allow setting of gains and mutes, and limiters configuration, as well as filter, EQ and bridge mode selection depending on the model, while the diagnostics section provides information on the temperature of heatsinks, mains voltage, real-time health checking and the output levels relative to limiting. This is a crucial feature for the increasing requirement of monitored loudspeaker systems in public spaces.

Amplifiers may be set up individually or in groups using the new KV2 Control & Diagnostics software tool, including saving and recalling presets, or show files. Configuration and monitoring are accessible either via the front panel or remotely via any Windows or Mac OS device.

‘Our users can now benefit from control without compromise as well as real-time monitoring and system diagnostics – elements which are vital when running large systems,’ says KV2 Audio founder, George Krampera Sr. ‘Our customers no longer have to rely on third-party solutions which inevitably affect the sound. By embracing digital technology for control where it is suited, but maintaining the fastest, highest quality analogue electronics for the audio path where it is needed, we have developed a revolutionary hybrid solution that offers user friendly operation while maintaining the integrity of audiophile reproduction.’

The first deployment of D Series amplifiers is at the Volksoper (People’s Opera) in Vienna where 56 units are in use every day.

‘In 2020, large installations like ours – we have 56 amplifiers in use full-time and five spare – have to be accurately controlled and monitored, or we simply can’t operate efficiently,’ says Volksoper Head Of Sound & Media Technology, Martin Lukesch. ‘KV2’s D Series solution offers us both the flexibility and security we require for managing a large, complex system.

‘All amplifiers, drivers and speakers are monitored in real time, so any anomalies are instantly located and reported. It also enables me to configure and switch between systems in no time. For example, for one show I’ll be using small speakers, and for the next I’ll have a completely different system with all of the subs involved. This enables me to load all of the amp settings for a particular show in just one click – it’s virtually plug and play which makes my life much easier.’

The new models include the ESR 3000D, ESR 2800D, ESP 2000D, SL3000D and VHD 3200D.

More: www.kv2audio.com

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