Apex has launched its CloudPower series of remote controllable, four-channel class-D amplifiers, based on proprietary GlidePath direct drive architecture.

CloudPower is the first product to benefit from Apex’s GlidePath direct drive technology, which integrates DSP and amplifier circuits, employing DC coupling throughout the signal path to reduce time offsets and distortion. CloudPower’s ultra-precise reproduction of high transients manages speaker cone excursion, minimising distortion and prolonging speaker life by cutting mechanical wear.

Apex CloudPower remote-controllable amplifiersMultiple CloudPower amplifiers can be monitored and controlled remotely from any device over the Apex Cloud, cutting unnecessary site visits and enabling integrators to offer value-added monitoring services. All units feature a built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing connection via Apex’s IntelliCloud WebUI, or through a wired Ethernet connection.

‘Cloud Power represents a technology leap for class-D amplifiers,’ comments Apex R&D Director, Henrik-Jan Gielis. ‘In our lab tests, we can clearly measure how CloudPower outperforms the competition in terms of phase shift and transient response, and we can demonstrate what it’s doing to the speakers: we achieve more output at the initial impulse, and the speaker cones swings much less after the signal stops.

‘More importantly, when we’ve brought engineers in for listening tests, they immediately hear the difference, even at lower levels. The bass is tighter and crisper, the highs sound more natural, and overall intelligibility and perceived volume are greater. The end result in installations is better audio quality and intelligibility for less output.’

A unique feature of CloudPower is the inclusion of an integrated audio source, allowing streaming of background audio from devices running apps such as Spotify or AirPlay.

The first two models in the new series, the 4x 350W CP354 and the 4x 700W CP704, are shipping now, and will be joined by a pair of more powerful amplifiers in the near future. All CloudPower amplifiers include comprehensive signal and loudspeaker processing tools and are designed for standalone or networked deployment in installations scaling from bars and hotels to theatres and theme parks.

The CP354 and CP704 models are high-efficiency, low idle power designs and benefit from a self-cooling airflow system that eliminates distracting fan noise. All models are ready to serve worldwide, accommodating 100-240V AC and featuring Active Power Factor correction to ensure efficient use of mains power.

The amplifiers are designed and built in Belgium, with Dante and AVB audio networking options in development.

More: https://cloudpower.apex-audio.be

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