Designed to partner the Cinema Loudspeakers, JBL’s DSi 2.0 family of amplifiers has been updated to provide continuous load monitoring and AES67 interoperability with Dolby Atmos Connect. These and other new features are part of a free firmware update of Audio Architect, which is available for download from the DSi 2.0 series page.

JBL DSi 2.0 amplifierContinuous Load Monitoring (CLM) reviews the ‘health’ of loudspeakers when connected to DSI amplifiers: Once set up, CLM will notify of changes in status of the load from Normal to High/Low and vice versa. These alerts are available on Audio Architect and/or can be polled via SNMP. The DSi 2.0 can also be set up to send alerts as trap messages to an SNMP Host.

DSi 2.0-D models amplifiers now interface directly with RTP AES67 audio streams as input sources; this update allows devices that use the Dolby Atmos Connect AES67 protocol to connect directly to DSi 2.0 amplifiers without the need for additional interfaces.

Key updates:

  • Audio Architect Global Settings panel offers additional controls for Display Timeout and Meters Timeout.
  • The input PEQ offers an on/off control for each band for A/B of EQ changes.
  • Processing Object icons are highlighted on the front panel display when enabled.
  • The SNMP MIB file includes load status and traps for load status change.
  • Amplifier model number displayed on front-panel screen below IP address.


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