The latest addition to Powersoft’s range of amplifiers, the X4L, has been created to drive modern high SPL woofers that require very high voltage to their full potential. The amplifier will deliver up to 300V (peak) to the loudspeakers.

Powersoft X4LSuch loudspeakers are also very reactive, which means a lot of the energy sent to them can be recycled as it comes back to the amplifier. This asks more of the amplifier’s design but, done efficiently, around 2dB-4dB of power can be saved. This economy is instrumental in making a product like this viable. ‘In our research activity and during interactions with producers of loudspeaker components, it has become clear to us that this is the next logical step for the powering of these solutions,’ says Powersoft Product Manager, Klas Dalbjörn,.

Even in applications where high output voltage isn’t required by rental staging professionals, the X4L’s ability to deliver the same or more power per loudspeaker while driving more cabinets in parallel when compared to other amplifiers will money and truck space on portable applications. 

The unit also has versatility on its side, with five output connectors to allow easy connection without adapters for many of the expected configurations, such as Channel 1 & 2 driving a cardioid sub solution, while Channel 3 & 4 drive some two-way front fill in parallel.

‘In such a configuration, the X4L is capable of giving 1dB more burst power to the two most power demanding channels, which in this case would be the sub channels,’ adds Dalbjörn.


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