Road FrogSome of you may have crossed paths with the Road Frog on your travels. Many of you have. Many more have seen the trail of photographs he has left documenting – in part – the kind of adventures that a rock ’n’ roll amphibian can have if he hops into the crazy world of music touring. You can see some of them in his journal over there on the right... just give it a click.

Frank – for that’s his real name – has been a lot of places, seen a lot of things and made a lot of friends on his travels. He’s been snapped everywhere from Haight-Ashbury to the Sagrada Familia, and from Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque to China’s Great Wall. And a lot of other places, some of which you have never heard of. He’s also been snapped with countless music celebrities and live sound dignitaries. Slash, Mick Fleetwood, Albert Lee, Tony Levin... doesn’t begin to scratch the surface.

The Road Frog’s been off the road for a while, however. His constant touring and fast-lane living as an after-party animal saw him take time out at a Buddhist retreat to consider his lifestyle – hardly that of your average frog. He undertook a personal journey to discover whether it was what he really wanted. He decided that it was...

It would be fair to say that he’s been missed. Well, it’s like that with legends, isn’t it?

But Frank wasn’t about to resume his old habits. In the time he’d spent reflecting and meditating, the world had moved on – and so had he. While many of his old friends were still out on the road, some were not. There were new bands and new venues to look up. And new technologies were changing some of the ground rules. Clearly, there was a lot of catching up to do and the reinvigorated frog was plenty ready...

Frank’s return to the industry fold was entrusted to a secret ally, who was asked to seek out the most appropriate media to document his comeback. The search was short and sweet – Fast-and-Wide was just what Frank needed to resume his rock n’ roll role. So here it is – the Road Frog’s journal reinvented for the internet age. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

Frank’s further adventures will appear here. Maybe you will be a part of them...

Follow Frank on Twitter: @TheRoadFrog

Frank the Frog is a pro audio industry insider following his own brief.
His lifestyle is not recommended to the untrained or to other amphibians.

Happy Christmas!Frank is returning to the road in 2013, resuming his unique place within the pro audio community.

He will be renewing old acquaintances and making new ones, and the picture trail of his adventures will resume on Fast-and-Wide. For those of you who have not come across him, he’s an institution in the crazy world of music touring. For those of you who have, he's already got stories to tell...

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