Sennheiser has announced that new components for the EW-DX microphone system are now shipping and available to customers, including a two-channel Dante receiver in a half-rack size, a network charger with cascading, and an active directional wall-mounted antenna.

EW-DX Microphone SystemIn addition to the new hardware, Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit, Wireless Systems Manager and Smart Assist App software has been updated to include support for the new EW-DX components. With initial components released last year, EW-DX simplifies professional workflows by using refined technologies to deliver a digital UHF system that can be scaled with ease.

Adding to the two-channel receiver without Dante, the EW-DX EM 2 Dante is a half-rack (9.5-inch) two-channel receiver that allows various network modes to be flexibly integrated into existing workflows. The receivers have a switching bandwidth of up to 88MHz, which can translate – thanks to Sennheiser’s equidistant spacing – to up to 146 channels in standard mode and up to 293 in link density mode.

Earlier in the year, the CHG 70N non-cascading variant of the EW-DX 2-bay network charger began shipping to customers. Today, Sennheiser announces the replacement for CHG 70N, a network charger that can be cascaded (up to five network charger units), named CHG 70N-C.

The AWM wall-mount antenna is an active directional antenna for use with Evolution Wireless Digital microphone systems. It can be connected to any stationary Evolution Wireless Digital receiver or EW-D ASA antenna splitter. AWM as the AWM UHF I (470-694MHz), AWM UHF II (823-1075MHz) and AWM 1G8 (1785-1805MHz).

For customers using EW-DX in corporate or educational environments during lectures or meetings, Sennheiser Control Cockpit v7.1.0 now includes support for the EW-DX EM 2 Dante Receiver, EW-DX Table Stand Transmitters (available early 2024) and EW-DX CHG 70N-C Cascading Network Charger.

Control Cockpit software provides a global overview of all network-enabled devices at all times. It shows all status information at a glance and makes setting adjustments for one or multiple devices at the same time very easy. For operators in multichannel live audio environments, such as music or theatre performances, Wireless Systems Manager 4.7.0 supports all EW-DX products for set-up, monitoring and control.

For convenient operation of smaller set-ups, Sennheiser’s new Smart Assist App v2.1.1 provides automated set-up, operation and monitoring using any iOS or Android device. An intelligent setup function automatically creates reliable wireless connections, no wireless expertise required.

In addition to the EW-DX TS 3 and 5-pin table stand transmitters in all frequency ranges, a four-channel Dante receiver with full 19-inch rack size is expected to be available mid-2024.

‘We have already seen great adoption of EW-DX in the market and look forward to helping our current customers build upon their EW-DX systems, while enticing new customers with these new components,’ says Michael Altemark, Sennheiser Lead Product Manager for Wireless, Business Communications. ‘By adding Dante-enabled receivers, a cascading charger and support from our multiple software control platforms, we are delivering on our commitment to provide the wireless microphone system features our customers need and demand.’

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