Following the Wireless Go, Røde has released the Wireless Go II dual-channel wireless microphone system.

The Wireless Go II offers universal camera compatibility for use with mobile devices and computers, extended range and improved transmission stability, and onboard recording capabilities.

‘The original Wireless Go was a gamechanger,’ says Røde CEO, Damien Wilson. ‘It truly revolutionised sound capture for everyone from vloggers to business professionals producing content while working from home. ‘The Wireless Go II is a huge leap forward in terms of usability and versatility, while retaining all the elements that made the first edition such a success. The Wireless Go II is once again going to change the way people record audio for their content.’

Wireless Go II dual-channel wireless microphone system.The Wireless Go II kit contains two transmitters and a single receiver, allowing users to capture two sound sources simultaneously for a wide range of filmmaking scenarios, from recording interviews to two-person vlogs. It can also be used as a single-channel wireless microphone for recording a single sound source.

The Wireless Go II iself features a 3.5mm analogue TRS output for plugging into cameras, plus a digital audio output via USB-C for plugging into smartphones, tablets and computers., ideal for everyone from filmmakers to YouTubers to business professionals.

It can record more than 24 hours of audio directly to each transmitter (without the need for an SD card), ensuring a backup recording is always available in postproduction in case of transmission dropouts and other audio issues.

This feature is activated via the Røde Central app that gives access to firmware updates and advanced features. In addition to onboard recording, these include activation of the safety channel, which records a second track at -20dB in case the main channel distorts, a fine gain control that expands the three-stage pad to a 10-stage pad, and more.

Other key features of the Wireless Go II include the ability to switch between mono and stereo modes, a mute button, in-built rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last up to seven hours. The receiver weighs 32g and the transmitters 31g, with each smaller than a matchbox.

The transmitters and receiver feature the same clip design as the original, making them easy to clip onto talent and mount onto a DSLR or mirrorless camera, mobile camera rig, boom pole or cold shoe accessory. This also means the extensive range of Wireless Go accessories work with the Wireless Go II, including the Interview Go and MagClip Go.

The system uses Røde’s Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, which delivers an extended range of up to 200m (line of sight) and is optimised for operation in areas with a high level of RF activity, including dense urban environments, shopping malls, universities, convention centres and offices. The internal antenna has been redesigned to ensure an extremely stable connection.

Each Wireless Go II kit ships with three furry windshields (that incorporate a twist-to-lock design for recording in windy conditions), a flat TRS memory cable for plugging into cameras and three USB-C to USB-A cables for connecting to computers for charging and recording (additional cables or adaptors are required for connecting to mobile devices and computers with USB-C inputs). There is also a carry pouch for keeping the kit tidy and secure.

The Wireless Go II is the first product to use Røde Central, with the VideoMic NTG, AI-1 and others to be integrated in future.


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