Wisycom has announced the MRK980 Ultra-Wideband True Diversity Receiver for music, install and broadcast.

Wisycom MRK980 Working in conjunction with Wisycom Lineartransmit technology, the system provides as many as 30 channels in one 6MHz TV channel. With the Wisycom MRK980, no calculations are required. In addition, users will not experience intermodulation distortion from external signal processing equipment, which is typical of conventional systems.

The two-channel receiver features 1090MHz of switching bandwidth covering VHF, UHF and 900MHz bands in a single rackmount receiver, offering RF flexibility for touring companies, broadcast studios and performance venues that are challenged by a shrinking RF spectrum.

The receiver’s DSP-FM technology also provides very narrowband channel filters that yield 50 per cent greater band efficiency and 200-250kHz channel spacing. This gives an additional 3dB of sensitivity and noise immunity, which is equivalent to doubling power and greatly increasing range. The MRK980 also includes Dante compatibility, analogue and digital outputs and Wisycom’s optional push-to-talk (PTT) function for off-line communication to monitor engineers, performers, presenters and others on the network.

‘This is the next generation of wireless for the broadcast and live performance industries,’ says Wisycom Sales & Marketing Director, Massimo Polo. ‘With so many available channels, Dante compatibility and an ultrafast spectrum scan, the MRK980 allows for a quick and simple setup. It is the perfect solution for live applications that use a large number of channels in a densely populated frequency spectrum. This might include arena concert tours, TV awards shows or streamed industry conferences.’

The Wisycom MRK980 is designed with a high-contrast OLED display and can be remotely controlled through an IP Network using Wisycom Manager 2.0, a completely updated version of the company’s software interface.

More: www.wisycom.com

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