VB-Audio Spectralissime The ‘donationware’ Spectralissime spectrum analyser application for Windows combines real-time, high-precision analysis with assciated audio tools.

Easy to use and simple to configure, Spectralissime is a 60-, 120- or 240-band spectrum analyser application based on an optimised band-pass filter bank. It performs a high -end frequency analysis with the same precision on the full-range (20Hz-20kHz), ten to 100 times per second using VB-Audio’s frequency from 2001. As a plug-in, Spectralissime takes advantage of 15 years' experience in audio digital measure, to offer simpler operation with new essential functions.

Spectralissime can use any audio device as audio source (WDM, KS, MME, ASIO), and can manage up to 64 I/O on ASIO device (patch function allows channel selection). Two Channels can be selected – called A & B. This first Spectralissime version performs a single channel view, but the analysis can then done on A, B, A+B or A-B. Spectralissime can also take a signal from a VBAN Stream, and then can be ported to a second computer connected on local network (Ethernet). A monitoring option allows selection of another audio device to monitor the analysed signal.

Spectralissime offers new ways of viewing spectrum for a better analysis and comprehension of audio signal. It proposes different scale in gain (6dBfs, 10dBfs, dB SPL) and frequency representation (decade or octave) and can be used as a measuring tool with a calibrated microphone. The Isophonic Scale displays an isophonic curve and displays scale in dB SPL. A calibration value can be set to any microphone for any acoustic measure.

More: www.spectralissime.com

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