Audio Precision has announced three measurement plug-ins for the APx audio test software. Each plug-in integrates directly with APx software (v4.3 or later), adding new capabilities while allowing end-users to take advantage of built-in APx features such as limits, sequencer control, derived results and reporting.

Attack-and-Release: Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a signal processing technique typically used to limit the audio dynamic range in applications ranging from hearing aids to broadcasting. AP’s latest plug-in enables the characterization of attack-and-release (recovery) times for AGC-enabled devices and allows end-users to perform the tests according to several different standards, from IEC 60268-8 for general purpose AGC devices to IEC 60118-2 and ANSI S3.22 for hearing aids. Test settings can also be customised when using the IEC 60268-8-based measurement.

Octave Analysis: Performing fractional octave analysis of broadband signals incorporating speech and noise can be an important element in the design and verification of a wide range of audio and communications systems. AP’s new plug-in integrates octave analysis capabilities into APx measurement software, replacing the FFT-to-Octave Conversion utility for APx v4.3 users.

Audio-Video Sync: The A/V sync plug-in integrates audio delay measurement into APx software to support designers evaluating audio/video timing (lip sync) in professional and consumer systems. The plug-in is also designed to support the A/V synchronisation tests that are part of both Dolby and DTS licensee compliance requirements.

‘The addition of a plug-in framework to APx measurement software allows the addition of application-specific measurements and analysis features independent of a full software release,’ says Audio Precision VP of Sales & Marketing, Spyros Lazaris. ‘These latest plug-ins, along with the STI plug-in introduced last October, are clear examples of the versatility of APx measurement software.’

The plug-ins are compatible with any model APx500 Series analyser and require APx audio measurement software, v4.3 or later. All three plug-ins are available as a courtesy download to registered users of


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