TC Electronic Clarity X appTC Electronic has extended the feature set of its audio metering system with a metering app for Apple iPad, Mac and PC.

The new app provides scalable views, greater ease of control and extended an feature set, including customisation of metering views and additional meter types, like LRA+I, a combination of loudness range and programme loudness. The advanced True-Peak meter can be combined with the hearing-loss preventing Dose meter and the new Loudness Range & Program Loudness meter.

The Clarity X Metering App allows users to build custom metering views, with multiple meters, for any specialised mix scenario. To streamline workflow, it includes a combined speaker select and SPL meter as well as speaker select and Sweetspot select view.

The feature set of the Clarity X Remote has also been extended – not only does the app display the functions assigned to each of the Remote keys, it offers two additional function keys. Not only does the app display the functions currently assigned to each of the Remote keys (F1, F2 and F3), it adds F4 and F5 function keys.

The Clarity X Metering App comes with a resizable view on both Mac and PC, allowing metering to be scaled up while fitting the meters to screen and workflow.

Key features:
· Use Clarity X with iPad.
· Extended range of meter types.
· Seamless control.
· Additional functions.


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