Nugen Audio LMB MXF file-handlingNugen Audio has added MXF file-handling to its Loudness Management Batch (LMB) processor.

LMB is an offline loudness analysis and correction tool for OS-X and Windows, providing network-based, automated loudness processing of large numbers of audio and video files without user intervention. The new option adds native MXF audio handling, enabling LMB to perform automated analysis and correction in an MXF container while preserving all other data within the file.

‘Our customers are audio professionals with very high standards of quality, who also have a need to work as efficiently as possible and deliver loudness-compliant audio,’ says Audio Creative Director, Jon Schorah, Nugen. ‘With LMB, we have addressed these requirements with a very efficient and cost-effective solution for automated loudness correction in a wide range of applications.

‘LMB’s correction and loudness criteria make it a reliable guarantor of compliance and a complement to real-time mixing tools such as VisLM. Now, with a file-handling option for native MXF files, we’ve taken the system to a new level of time-saving and efficiency.’

Aimed at postproduction, film and broadcast use, LMB is typically part of a content-management workflow, as a stage of QC to check compliance of incoming content from third parties, or as a routine way of double-checking content when editors are using other loudness tools in the studio. Based on Nugen Audio’s loudness monitoring and correction engine, LMB performs faster-than-real-time processing on batches of files, saving time and preventing human error. For streamlined processing of video, LMB automatically examines video files to analyse audio content without changing the original files. LMB’s drag-and-drop interface and Watched Folders automate the process of checking and conforming files to multiple broadcast criteria, and optional command-line operation allows for full integration into existing asset management systems and procedures.

With the MXF option, LMB can analyse and correct OP-Atom and OP-1a operating patterns containing PCM and D10-encoded PCM audio data without first converting the MXF files to WAV format. With the ability to correct and deliver loudness-compliant audio in the original MXF format, the solution saves time and effort.

LMB is fully compliant with CALM, ITU-R BS. 1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and other global loudness regulations and standards. LMB checks and corrects for integrated programme loudness, short-term loudness, and loudness range (LRA) targeting, making the system highly effective for optimising material with a wide loudness range, such as movie soundtracks, some sports, and live music. LMB also provides a built-in back-stop limiter for managing true-peak levels.

The base version of LMB is now available for US$999, and the advanced file-handling option for MXF is priced at US$1,200.


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