Providing a straightforward means of assessing the state of programme streams for broadcasters using the AES67 AoIP standard in studios and production facilities, Lawo’s AES67 Stream Monitor is a new software tool for Windows PCs.

Lawo AES67 Stream MonitorAES67 Stream Monitor displays detailed information for as many as 16 user-definable audio streams, each of which can contain multiple audio channels. The main display presents audio levels and alarm indications at a glance for all monitored streams; selecting an individual stream display allows users to do a ‘deep dive’ to discover detailed stream information.

AES67 Stream Monitor functions include: the ability to audition AES67 streams on-demand using the PC soundcard; monitoring of two Ethernet NICs simultaneously for true ST2022-7 compatibility; LUFS metering with detailed tracking of Loudness Units over time; alarms for silence-sensing, under-level or over-level alerts, with user-definable thresholds; and SDP interrogation of each monitored stream, with information copyable to clipboard for documentation purposes or for use with other applications.

Additionally, there is a Stream Health Monitor that keeps track of jitter, dropped packets and data errors, and a per-stream Status Window with display of audio level content over time, errors over time, and file-based error report for identifying deviation from loudness compliance for outgoing streams.

‘Radio professionals have embraced AoIP – the majority of new facilities are based upon IP technology,’ says Lawo Radio Marketing Specialist, Clark Novak. ‘Broadcasters are also vocal about their support for the AES67 standard. But they’ve had no easy way to inspect and monitor critical audio streams. AES67 Stream Monitor addresses this issue and fills their need.’

AES67 Stream Monitor is intelligent, informative and easy to use as diagnostics tool for any engineer, installer or integrator who works with AES67 networks, or as a Master Control tool for tracking stream health and loudness compliance over time. The program runs on standard Windows 10 PCs, and is VMWare compatible, allowing multi-instance deployment on virtual machines to facilitate high-density stream information.


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